Robots Platform

The "robots" platform is composed of a pool of 9 autonomous robots
(Three indoors robots : one humanoid and two wheeled robots) and six
outdoor robots, including four unmanned aerial vehicles). Five staff
members of the 2I service (3 electronics engineers, one computer science
engineer and one mechanics engineer) are taking care of this platform.
Its objectives are to maintain and prepare the evolutions of hardware
and software architectures of the robots fleet as well as teaching and
providing help to its users.

The "robots" platform team of 2I also maintains several software developed
at LAAS, in particular more than 100 functional modules built using the
Genom framework, which is shared among all robots, and several tools
designed to facilitate integration (pocolibs, Genom, Tclserv, GDHE,
GRH2, OpenPRS, Jafar,...). Most of this software is available under an
open source license on our web site.