Experimental platforms

The ROB research topic benefits from an experimental platform including several indoors and outdoors terrestrial and aerial robots. The main equipment available consists of:  Rackham, an autonomous interactive mobile robot, Jido, a fully equipped mobile manipulator, HRP-2, a full-size humanoid robot, Dala and Mana, two rough terrain mobile robots, a high-precision cartesian robot FESTO and a room equipped with a motion capture system. Several small UAVs have been also developed and used in the recent period.


Several highly qualified engineers and technicians are commissioned by the laboratory to support experimental development, deployment and maintenance of this equipment and the associated software.  Activities include also introductory courses to the robot programming and control environment developed at LAAS, as well as maintenance of software tools (https://softs.laas.fr/openrobots/wiki) and particularly robot the software libraries developed by ROB teams.