Ink jet area

Ink jet technology is used for direct writing on silicon or polymer substrates. Altadrop equipment allows for example zinc oxide nano particles for the realization of gas sensors or iron oxides nano particles with carbon nano-tubes for antennas manufacture.
Activities in the inkjet area are :
  • the synthesis of inks in LAAS or in collaboration with external research teams
  • the development of processes
  • the improvement of the equipment

Meams of manufacturing

Ink Jet
Chemical wet bench

Others :

Viscosimeter ; Uv ozone treatment, granulometer

Know How

Know-how results from studies carried out in the three areas :
  • inks synthesis
  • development of deposition processes
  • equipment improvement

Photos below show deposits with different nano carbon tubes concentrations from a suspension in ethylene glycol.

Deposition of carbon nano tubes 40µm width lines was:
A : low concentration (5 runs)
B: high concentration (10 runs)

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