Research Topics


Scientific research in laboratory is organized around 8 topics and 2 transverse axes ADREAM and ALIVE.

22 research teams are divided into the following topics and lead the scientific activity of the laboratory.


Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance (TSF)
Head : Mohamed KAANICHE 
Verification of Time Critical Systems (VERTICS)
Head : Bernard BERTHOMIEU

System Engineering and Integration (ISI)
Head :  Hamid DEMMOU
Services and Architectures for Advanced Networks (SARA)
Head : Khalil DRIRA

Distributed Computing and Asynchronism (CDA)
Head : Didier EL BAZ 
Movement of Anthropomorphic Systems (GEPETTO) 
Head : Philippe SOUERES

Robotics, Action and Perception (RAP)
Head : Patrick DANES

Robotics and InteractionS (RIS)
Head : Rachid ALAMI 
Diagnosis and Supervisory Control (DISCO)

Methods and Algorithms in Control (MAC) 
Head : Denis ARZELIER

Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization and Constraints (MOGISA)
Head : Christian ARTIGUES
Micro and Nanosystems for Wireless Communications (MINC)
Head : Patrick PONS

Microwaves and Opto-microwaves for Telecommunication Systems (MOST)
Head : Olivier LLOPIS

Optoelectronics for Embedded Systems (OSE)
Head : Thierry BOSCH

Photonics (PHOTO)
Nano Engineering and System Integration (N2IS)
Head : Jean-Yves FOURNIOLS
Nanobiosystems (NBS)
Head : Christophe THIBAULT

Microsystems for Analysis (MICA)
Head : Philippe MENINI

Materials and Processes for Nanoelectronics (MPN)
Head : Filadelfo CRISTIANO

High Frequency and Fluidic Micro and nanosystems (MH2F)
Head : Katia GRENIER 
Energy and Embedded Systems (ESE)
Head : {responsable-ese}

Energy Management System Integration (ISGE) 
Head : Frédéric MORANCHO