Jobs and Education

Training to and by Research is one of the main missions of the laboratory.

This mainly done by the training of PhD Students. Since LAAS was created in 1968, about 1400 thesis have been held. Today, about 10% of PhDs beeing delivered by the University of Toulouse have been prepared in the LAAS.

The laboratory is guest laboratory for 3 doctoral schools:

The Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Doctoral School (GEET) wich training concerns materials, technologies and components, microélectronics and microsystems, les micro-waves and optical telecommunications, electrical engineering, plasmas and discharges, radiophysics and medical imaging;
The Systems Doctoral School (EdSys) which training concerns Automatics and Systems, Computer Systems and Industril Systems.
The Computer, Telecommunications and Mathematics Doctoral School

The LAAS is also member of 3 other Doctoral Schools. Its members participate to PhD trainings in a dozen of Master Degrees. LAAS welcome about 250 Master internships per year.

Le LAAS has a strong link to 4 Universities / Engineer Schools of the University of Toulouse :

The Université Paul Sabatier,
The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse,
The Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse,
The Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace.

The majority of the senior researchers of the laboratory (about 55%) are faculty members coming from these 4 entities. 

LAAS has also strong relationship with the other members of the University of Toulouse (mainly engineer schools) such as the ENAC.

In terms of organization, the Education and research Committee of the lab has a strong implication in the education activities of its members and relationship with components of the University of Toulouse. It contributes to the organization of the education domain in Information and Communications Sciences and Technologies in Toulouse.

Cooperating with the Association Bernard Gregory, there is a strong support from the laboratory to the professional integration of PhDs after the thesis with complementary training, visit of enterprises and coaching.