The Network

What's the Carnot Institute Network ?
  • Ambitious targets in the field of partenarial research:
  • Commitment with enterprises at european level (FP7, …), national level (ANR, OSEO-ISI, …) or regional level,
  • Strong development of partenarial research direct contracts with enterprises
  • Development of Technical facilities and joint labs with industries
  • Specific actions for the SMEs
  • Strong support to spin-off and start-ups
  • All 33 Institutes members of 50 of the French Competitivity Clusters (among them 14 World Class)
  • Common Practice in Intellectual Property
  • Strong partnership with academic research in the Universities
  • Some Carnot Institute are made of Public Research, University or Engineer Schools Research Laboratories (as the LAAS, Research Laboratory of the CNRS)
  • Joint Labs with industries, strong link with PhD Schools, welcome of Post-docs, High-Level Scientits exchanges, Excellency Networks…
  • A kind of relationship with industry that can lead to new researches for fundamental issues
12 800 Senior Researchers and Employees,
  • Easy access to the network competencies (whatever the entry point is)
  • Availability, good listening and partner satisfaction integration
  • Professionnalised partnerial research and quality of work & results (intellectual property and contracts management, projects process, …)

  • un engagement d’écoute et de qualité
  • une conduite professionnalisée de la recherche partenariale
An efficient system
  • 12% of the French public research staff
  • Over 45% of the partnerial research financed by entreprises to the French public laboratories