Carnot institutes Network

The Carnot Institutes: Fitting the economical and societal challenges,
the strength of a multi-disciplinary research institutes network

Les rendez-vous Carnot 2010
LAAS-CNRS is one of the 33 Carnot Institutes labeled by the French Ministery of Research since 2006. This mark of excellecy for laboratories working in the field of partenarial research with industry shows that the institutes have the culture and are able to work successfully with the enterprises.

What all Carnot Insitutes can provide
  • A strongly market-oriented research to fit societal challenges
  • Scientific and technological high quality level (international standards)
  • Easy access to the network competencies (whatever the entry point is)
  • Availability, good listening and partner satisfaction integration
  • Professionnalised partnerial research and quality of work & results (intellectual property and contracts management, projects process, … see here the Carnot best practice Chart on Intellectual Property)
  • Capacity to anticipate market needs and to propose solutions with a global vision integrating enterprises specific constraints
  • The strengh of a large structured research network