The start-ups

With its significative number of senior researchers and Engineers, PhD Students, LAAS as a laboratiory involved in Blue Sky and Partenarial Research is the crossroad between research, innovation and market.

LAAS makes it possible for researchers, engineers, technicians or PhD students to create their own enterprise, to live with them the first years of the start-up, offering proximity technological support as their are in incubation. CNRS is part of the regional incubator (l’incubateur régional de Midi-Pyrénéees) Projects from LAAS have access to it.

The Start-Ups born in LAAS at XXIth century :

The link with the new-born enterprises continues most of the time after their creation. The LAAS has also partnership with other start-ups :

- 31 Degrees - Captomed - Intesens - IPDIA - LDL Technology - Microbiochips / Nanobiochips - Nanomade Concept - Navontime - Novamems