Principe de la nano-impression

The principle of this new-generation lithography technique is simple: it is to replicate nanoscale patterns uysing moulding

Since July 2010, LAAS is equipped with specifically dedicated nano-imprint machine, a Nanonex NX-2500. Thisequipment allows thermal or UV methods.

Technical means

Nanonex NX-2500
Processes :
  • Thermoplastic and thermoreticulables resists
  • Photosensitive resists (UV)

Patent : Air Cushion Press
  • optimization of printing uniformity
  • any type of samples: from few mm² to 6 inches 
  • any type of materials: Si, GaAs, glass, polymers, quartz,...

Alignement : 1µm


1-NIL mould fabrication : :

  • Electronic lithography on 4 "glass and Si wafer
  • Glass (100nm) and Si ICP-RIE etching
  • Resolution: 40nm with a 100nm step
  • Non-sticky OTS liquid surface treatment

2- UV Nanoimprint :

  • Substrate surface preparation
  • Nanonex resists (AMONIL, MRT, and Nanonex) 
  • Resolution: 40nm

     GaAs imprint (NX-2500)                             

    Fused silica mould