Metallization area involves 2 deposition technologies

-thermal evaporation: it involves heating a material by joule effect or electron gun, sprayed, it will be deposited on a substrate

 - sputtering : the principle of sputtering is to create a plasma of a neutral gas (Ar, N2) under low pressure between 2 electrodes which one (the anode) is the mass(with the substrate) and the other (the cathode) has a strongly negative potential, it is the target (material to file). The target is bombarded by positive ions of the plasma to remove molecules which will be deposited on the substrate.

This depositions occurs under secondary vacuum

Area organization

The area is not free acces but with a weekly planning

The area is composed of 7 machines of deposits including 5 groups of thermal evaporation and 2 sputtering  groups.


Univex 450C (sputtering)

Edwards 1 (evaporation)


Edwards Al (evaporation)

Alcatel 450 (bias sputtering)

Alcatel 600 (sputtering)

Varian 3616 (evaporation)

APsys E100 (evaporation)

EVA 600(evaporation)

Know How

  • evaporation : Ag, Al, CR, Cu, Ni, Pt, Ti……. 
  • magnetron cathode sputtering: Al, at, AuGe, AuZn, Cu, Ni, Pt, Ta, W
  • magnetron cathode reactive (O2)souttering : CuO, ITO, PZT



- Polymer micro mirror

- deposition of chromium for the realization of micro mirror: Adaptive Optics

multilayers Al, CuO for energitical materials

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