Doctoral schools

In association with the University of Toulouse (UPS, INSAT, INPT and ISAE) LAAS is a Hosting laboratory for 3 Doctoral Schools: the System Doctoral School, The GEET Doctoral School (Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications), and the Mathematics, Computer and Telecommunications Doctoral School.

Researchers and Faculty Members of the laboratory teach in the 11 following Master degrees:

Systems Doctoral School:
  •     Automatics and Systems,
  •     Industrial Sytems,
  •     Computer Systems.
  •     Embedded Sytems

GEET Doctoral School:
  •     Microelectronics and microsystems,
  •     Materials and components for electronics,
  •     Micro-Waves, Electromagnetism and Optoelectronics,
  •     Electrical Engineering,
  •     Plasmas Engineering,
  •     Radiophysics et Medical Imaging.

Computer, Telecommunications and Mathematics Doctoral School:
  •     Computing and systems,
  •     Networks and telecommunications.
The laboratory is also involved in 4 Master degrees that aren't linked to a Doctoral School:
  •     Microelectronics,
  •     Industrial Automation
  •     Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Robotics,
  •     Power Electronics.
LAAS is involved in two universitary workshops and their management:
  •   The Inter-universitary Industrial Automation Workshop (PRIMECA)
  •   The Inter-universitary Microelectronics Workshop (AIME)
The laboratory participates also to the Microelectronics, Microtechnology and Microsystems Doctoral Network whose person in charge is a Favulty Member of LAAS.