Launching SPOT, seminars on Optimization

12 novembre 2012


A new seminar is launched in Toulouse: SPOT (Pluridisciplinary Optimization Seminar in Toulouse). Inspired by the FIOS (Fields Institute Optimization Seminar) of the University of Toronto and the SPO (Parisian
Optimization Seminar) at the Henri Poincare Institute in Paris,
the SPOT seminar will run monthly, preferably on monday afternoon,
with two talks of different type (more fundamental and more applied,
local speaker and external speaker, speaker from academy and speaker
from industry or services, etc).

Venue: Thesis Amphitheater, ENSEEIHT, 26 rue Pierre-Paul Riquet,
31000 Toulouse.

SPOT 6. Monday, March 18, 2013
14h: Michel Théra (Univ. Limoges)
"Calmness modulus" en optimisation linéaire semi-infinie
15h : Marc Quincampoix (Univ. Brest)
Régularité métrique et stabilité en contrôle optimal linéaire

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Georges Giralt Symposium , october 28, 2013

28 octobre 2013


Georges Giralt (1930-2013) was a co-founder and influential leader of LAAS-CNRS. His early works in Electronics and Automatic Control started a strong avenue of research that shaped LAAS-CNRS activities. In the mid-seventies, he initiated with HILARE the adventure of mobile robotics in Europe and pioneered a new scientific era. He is widely remembered as a passionate and inspiring leader, as well as a dedicated community builder. As a tribute to Georges Giralt’s heritage and visionary outlook, LAAS-CNRS is organizing a scientific symposium gathering distinguished invited speakers that will cover several research topics that are part of the current research areas at LAAS. This day will conclude with a Panel honoring Georges’ memory, followed by a ceremony dedicating the building hosting the ADREAM project to Georges Giralt.


9:00 Welcome address, LAAS Director

9:15 Outline of demonstrations and posters

Invited talks: Visions & Perspectives

9:30 Robert Austin, Princeton University, USA
Game Theory, Cancer and the Death Galaxy
10:25 Coffee break, demonstrations and posters

10:55 Karl Johan Åström, University of Lund , Sweden
Controls - A Perspective

Francis Bach, Inria, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
Big Learning: New Challenges and Opportunities

12:45 Lunch break, demonstrations and posters

14:15 Marc- Olivier Gewaltig, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne , Switzerland
The Human Brain Project  : Chances and Challenges for Computer Science

15:10 Paolo Dario, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa , Italy
Science and Engineering of BioRobotics: the Vision of Robot Companions for Assisted Living

16:05 Coffee break, demonstrations and posters

Georges Giralt's Legacy

17:00 Panel and Contributions from Abroad

Daniel Estève, LAAS-CNRS (moderator)
Michel Combarnous, University of Bordeaux
Jean-Louis Lacombe, IFFRES
Bernard Espiau, Inria
Philippe Bidaud, ONERA
Michel Maurette, CNES
Oussama Khatib, Stanford University
Raja Chatila, INS2I-CNRS

18:00 Ceremony at the " Georges Giralt Building " at LAAS

18:15 Cocktail

Registration is free, but mandatory/L'inscription est gratuite mais obligatoire