LAAS conducts research activities on different type of systems: micro and nano systems, embedded systems, integrated systems, large scale systems, biological systems, mobile systems, autonomous systems et critical information systems, with application domains such as : aeronautics, space, transportation, energy, services, health, telecommunications, environment, production and defense.

There are 8 research topics in the LAAS animating the activities of the 21 Research Teams of the laboratory:
  • Critical Infomation Processing
  • Networks and Communications
  • Robotics
  • Decision and Optimization
  • MicroNanosystems RF and Optical
  • Nano-Engineering and Integration
  • Energy Management
  • MicroNanoBio Technologies
21 Research Teams covering a Wide Scientific Span in Systems Sciences:
  • Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance
  • Verification of Time Critical Systems
  • System Engineering and Integration
  • Distributed Computing and Asynchronism 
  • Services and Architectures for Advanced Networks
  • Humanoid motion
  • Robotics, Action and Perception
  • Robotics and Interactions
  • Diagnosis and Supervisory Control
  • Methods and Algorithms in Control
  • Modeling, Optimization and Integrated Management of Activity Systems
  • Micro and Nanosystems for Wireless Communications
  • Microwave Integrated Devices and Systems for Telecommunications 
  • Optoelectronics for Embedded Systems
  • Photonics
  • Nano Engineering and System Integration
  • Integration of Energy Management Systems
  • Nanobiosystems
  • Microsystems for Analysis
  • Processes for Nanoelectronics
  • Hyper Frequency Micro and Nano Systems
Le LAAS is a Carnot institute, label given by the French Ministery of Research, indicating its excellency of relationship with industry.