Administration and support services

The organization and the activity of the laboratory technical and administrative services are a significant contribution to its operations and scientific policy.

Engineers, technicians and administrative clerks are working inside dedicated services:
  • Techniques and Equipments Applied to Microelectronics Service (TEAM),
  • Computing and Instrumentation Service (II),
  • Administration, Logistic, and Support Services (SAL),
  • Research Areas and Research Groups secretaries,
  • Management secretaries of the laboratory.

    The two technical services TEAM and II are in charge of the laboratory's technical facilities. They are the key contributor to its experimental creations.

Their contribution is a decisive factor, because of the technical know-how and the extension of work made after exploratory and prototyping thesis results that can help other present or future works. These services are piloted through two committees known as ComTEAM and ComII that analyse the needs of the research groups in term of support to their research.

They set up priorities for the allocation of technical staff to the projects and monitor the supported actions (about 50 per year and service). These committees are also a place to foresee the evolutions of the services with to regard to staffing, training and equipment.

LAAS has also administration, logistics and support services :

Technical Scientific Information Center: the service is in charge of all publications of the laboratory, scientific information, documentary research and audiovisual realizations as well as computer graphics and publishing,

Contracts and Partnership Service for contracts management, negotiation and licensing,

Finance service for accounting and managing finances and the budget,

Personnel Service for the management of the laboratory's human resources, temporary or permanent personnel individual files, visitors procedure and staff training,

Supply service for the management of orders, receipts and inventory,

Information System Service for the creation and management of information medias (mainly LAAS' website, specific website for congresses or seminars, databases of the laboratory…),

Logistics and Building Mangement Service in charge of builfing caretaking and guarding, housekeeping and maintenance; LAAS facilities are made of 7 buildings representing more than  18000m2 and 3 hectares of green surfaces and carpark areas.

Secretaryship of research areas, groups and services: the service for all the secretaries working in these teams.

Management secretaries dedicated to the Direction of the laboratory.

These services are coordinated through a committee (named SAL) for alla ctivities that need coordination such as recruitment, contracts, staffing, congressess organization…