Joint Labs

LAAS invented the concept of joint laboratories with Industry in France in 1991 (the name of this lab was MIRGAS).

Joint labs are the most achieved way of cooperation between a public research laboratory and an enterprise:

  • Multi-year research program with joint teams
  • PhD students & Post-docs dedicated to the lab
  • Part-time senior researchers from LAAS
  • Engineers from industry
  • Different concepts developed since (no unique model)
    • Single or multi Industry and Public Research Partners
    • Inside the walls
    • Outside the walls
    • No walls
  • Finances through public implication
    • Need Stability and long term (avoid call for project)
    • Fundigs from: Government, Regional Council, EFRD (FEDER)…


At the beginning of the XXIth century, many joint laboratories were created with LAAS:

MIRGAS (« Mixed Research Group on Automotive Systems ») : joint lab created in 1991 between Siemens Automotive and the CNRS (Laas, LEEI and IMFT) on different issues related to Automotive.