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The UseNet Projet obtains ITEA Achievement Award 2011 - Silver (Eureka)

29 février 2012


The ITEA 2 Board recognises the value of the UseNet challenge to free the machine-to-machine (M2M) market from the fragmentes vertical business syndrome through an open architecture. The great innovation of this project is the M2M Internet; separating M2M services forme M2M infrastructures drastically increases the size of the potential market for M2M deployments. UseNet has delivered an open architecture and has been very active in the new ETSI M2M TC standard. Highlights among the many exploitation cases include fast exploitation of the Ouman centralised remote control service system localisation of vehicles and ALU 5580 Home Network Manager evolution.

Each year, the ITEA Achievement Award highlights three concrete examples of best practice by aknowledging outstanding achievments - high-level technical contributions based on true European collaboration that lead to significant results and thus further promote the ITEA programme and its goals.

ITEA a pour objectif de rendre l'industrie européenne plus compétitivel'exploitation industrielle des résultats du projet étant cruciale.

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